Chocolate Brownie (Low Calorie)


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This chocolate walnut fudge brownie is sure to live up to your expectations. Made quickly and easily with available ingredients, it has an intense flavour, thanks to the combination of condensed milk, butter & cocoa powder. Little bits of walnuts are nothing short of a treasure in every bite as they are an exciting contrast to the chocolaty sweetness of the fudge.

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3 reviews for Chocolate Brownie (Low Calorie)

  1. Shail

    Healthy’ and ‘ice cream’ is an oxymoron – but somehow Ami Ice Cream pulls it off. Just because it’s low on sugar, doesn’t mean it’s free from flavour. One of the best ice creams right now thats low on calories. I was on diet on since last 6 months and was completely avoiding ice creams on account of the high calories. But finally I spotted this, which is so delicious but low in calories. Thanks Ami ice cream!!!

  2. Viral Mehta

    Very yummy! When I heard the term low calorie for ice cream, I thought it would be just flavour ice with no sweet taste. But I was really surprised on eating it for the first time.

  3. Saloni Mehta

    Low calorie ice cream is very much needed in today’s world. I was surprised and eager when I heard about low calorie ice cream. Its really yummy and healthy when I tasted. Chocolate walnut fudge flavour is my favourite. Really delicious ice cream.

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