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In 1997, Mr. Jitendra Mehta started manufacturing ice creams with an intention to make products giving consumers the assurance for hygiene and the superior quality of products. At a time when others were cutting corners and pumping their ice cream with air, he set out to do something better. Using only the finest ingredients, his rich, high quality ice creams created a category all its own. With a few simple flavours, the brand Ami Ice Cream was born.

For more than 20 years, our passion for crafting the perfect flavours and creamiest textures using only the finest ingredients is what has set the brand apart. We’ve never compromised on our principles that made us who we are from the very beginning. Today, the brand continues to transform the finest ingredients into extraordinary experiences bite by bite.

Our business practices are transparent, fair, quality based and service oriented. Being a closely held company, the chain of command is short. As a result our responses to clients’ requirements are prompt ensuing uninterrupted supply against received orders.

Our pricing of products is competitive in relation to the superior quality of our products. This has helped us become a favourable consumer brand. We also take up bulk and party orders. We also serve outdoor catering orders wherein we set up parlours at the outdoor location giving your guests a variety of flavours. Click here for any party orders.

A multinational ice cream brand approved the hygienic condition at our plant and decided to outsource their softy-mix from us. We are also working with many premium 5 star hotel chains in Mumbai who are very conscious about product quality and plant hygiene. These are the testimonies of the hygienic conditions maintained at our plant.

We have been the exclusive providers of ice creams and premixes for a leading app based food provider with presence across multiple cities of India. All our products are made from ingredients of superior quality giving our elite customers the experience they crave for. Our product is “SOFT TO EAT, HARD TO BEAT” justifying our slogan.


Why Everybody Loves Our Ice Creams

Premium Quality

We believe that if we have to indulge in ice cream, it should be a real and fulfilling experience rather than just the ‘cold and sweet stuff’

Experience like none

We set out to make ice creams we could be proud of. We are proud to continue our legacy, sharing real pleasure with an ice cream experience like no other.

100% Real Cream & Milk

Our products are made using 100% real cream & milk, which when blended with carefully selected ingredients, gives a unique texture and unforgettable taste


Our team of professionals ensures constant research and innovation introducing a variety of flavours that suits every generation

Our Vision

As a brand, our vision is to make the best ice cream in the world using high quality, carefully selected ingredients

Passion for Perfection

Driven by the passion for perfection, it takes multiple iterations at the time of introducing a flavour to make sure we get the recipe right

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Alphonso Mango


This mango season grab the aroma of sweet mangoes in our new flavour Alphonso Mango! It will leave you slurping till every last bite. More fruit, more goodness, more natural taste. Beat the heat with some icecream!


American Dry Fruit


Refined blend of milk and California almonds, with pieces of almonds cashews and shredded chocolates



Bavarian chocolate

Original price was: ₹300.00.Current price is: ₹250.00.

A luxuriously rich dessert with a deep chocolate flavour and silky texture. Bavarian Chocolate Ice Cream from Ami Icecream is a perfect blend of chocolate ice cream and pieces of caramelised cashew that will make the most delicious chocolate ice cream you can imagine!


Belgian Chocolate


A flavor that fulfills the innermost cravings of your appetite! Belgian Chocolate helps you plunge into ecstasy! Rich, velvety chocolate ice cream with finely shaved Belgian chocolate for a uniquely textured experience


Cookie n Cream


Combination of dark Oreo cookies in our signature vanilla ice cream


Italian Vanilla


Italian Vanilla Icecream by Ami Icecream level ups the game with its creamy texture. It comprises of vanilla extract and crushed vanilla beans. Crafted with love to enhance your ice cream experience!


Lychee Mastee


This scoop of good sweet treat will give you all the Warm-weather vibes! Lick it, savour it, enjoy it before it melts! This scooping season grab the Lychee Mastee Icecream by Ami Icecream. Happiness is best served frozen.


Mocha Fudge


Dark Indian coffee with tinge of bitterness with a swirl of Chocolate fudge, for coffee lovers.


How To Make An Order?

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    A wide variety of flavours to order from. Just pick the flavours you would love to while partying with your loved ones.

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    Mention the address where you want these delicacies to be delivered. Currently, we ship orders within the MMR region.

  • 5. Receive your order & enjoy!

    Receive your order and enjoy delicious desserts with your loved ones

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Low Calorie Ice Creams

Typically ice creams contain around 110-150 calories for a 100 ml serving. Our low calorie range promises a calorie count of not more than 60 calories in the same quantity of ice creams. There are three sweeteners used in our low calorie range viz. organic jaggery, erythritol and stevia, this makes it an ice cream with low glycemic index, suitable for borderline diabetes and obesity patients.